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Special Offers

Early Bird Offer

You will receive a credit applicable on a large selection of products (see list below) when you order your 2018-2019 student planners and confirm your choice of covers before the specified date on the early bird order form. Eligible products are also identified by the "Early Bird" icon.

- Page Marker/Ruler or Aupel Ruler
- The Teacher's Supplement
Weekly Academic Executive Planner
- Phoenix Planner
- Lesson Planning and Mark Book
- Activity Wall Calendar
- Monthly Academic Desk Planner
- Monthly Academic Mid-Size Desk Planner
- Personalized Memo Pads
- Personalized Monthly Wall Calendar
- Notebooks

Early Payment Discount

In addition to our very competitive prices, Aupel offers an early payment discount. You will save 6% on the price of the planners, if full payment is received before the end of February. For a payment received in March, you will save 5%, in April 4%, in May 3% and in June 2%.

To benefit from Aupel's promotional offers, the exact quantity of student planners is not required until the deadline corresponding to your desired delivery date. For further information, please contact your Sales Representative.

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